The 5 Best Indoor Flowering Plants, and Tips on Growing Flowers Indoors

For some people, the indoor flowering plants are very important and one of the things that cannot be eliminated from their home. Flowering plants indoors aims in order to make the house feel more alive. In this article we will discuss some of The Best Indoor Flowering Plants that can provide ideas for your house interior decorating. But before you start growing flowers indoors, you need to make sure that you know how to take care of the indoor flowering plants, in this article we will also give you some tips on how to take care and grow the flowers indoors. Here’s our list of some flowers you can grow indoors that not only can make your rooms more colorful and beautiful but also can brighten your mood.


  1. The Chrysanthemum Flower or the Garden Mums


The first indoor ornamental plants are garden mums. Based on NASA research, Chrysanthemum plants are the best air purifier plants and they have proved that the Chrysanthemum can absorb ammonia, benzene, xylene and formaldehyde from the air of the room where they lived.

To take care this plant, it is preferably planting them outside until the flowers are blooming, and then after that it can be stored indoors to prevent wilting. Certainly the flower plants in this room will also be a pleasure to your eyes.


  1. Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum


Best Indoor Flowering Plants - Peace Lily


Do not be deceived by the name of the lily. These flowers are not a species of lily, but originated from the different order/family. Great Peace lily is flower plants that can bloom indoors. Not only that, this flower plant is robust in filtering the formalin, and also benzene substances and specific VOCS substances that resulted from paint product or room cleaner. These plants can grow well despite the lack of light.

But be careful behind its breathtaking beauty, it turns out that the peace lily is poisonous. If it is touched, it could cause some skin irritation and cause headaches when accidentally swallowed. If there are some pets or children in your home, you should not plant these flowers. These flowers are just perfect only in the office.


  1. Dendrobium or Phaeleonopsis Orchids


Best Indoor Flowering Plants - Orchid

The orchid is famous for its bad reputation because it is very difficult to grow and take care. Many people already failed to grow the orchids precisely just because they are very considerate in their plants, too many watered and also too often exposed to direct sun.

Actually orchids are better if left alone and watered only when the soil is indeed dry. Orchids can also filter the air. Orchids can filter the air pollution that emitted from xylene from glue and paint so this plant is perfect gifts for the person who is just currently renovating or move into a new house.

Uniquely, orchids produce oxygen at night, so it is perfect to store it in your room, and that makes the orchid very suitable as indoor flower plants for your house.


  1. Gerber Daisy or Garbera jamesonii


Best Indoor Flowering Plants - Gerbera

This flower is one of my favorite indoor flower plants. This flowering plant is very pretty and have a bright color, the shape looks like the sunflowers. Its ability as an air filter plant is also very good, it is able to absorb trichloroethylene in air that’s generated from your laundry soap. This plant is very suitable to put in your rooms to make you more cheerful and more vibrant to live your daily activities.


  1. Lavender


Best Indoor Flowering Plants - Lavender


Most of us already knew this plant. Although it doesn’t have the ability as an air filter plant, but it can repel insects, especially mosquitoes. In addition, the reasons why Lavender is suitable as an indoor flowering plant is because lavender has an ability to discharge the substances that can make the body relax, help sleeplessness and headaches. Certainly very suitable to place the lavender in your room.

So these are what we think as the 5 Best Flowers To Grow Indoors, of course you can have different opinions about what are the best flower plants to grow indoors. Feel free to share your opinions with us. We hope this little article can give you some ideas and can make you start growing flowers indoors or inside your house.

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