7 Beautiful Ornamental Plants for Hanging Planter and Hanging Planter Wall Indoors

7 Beautiful Ornamental Plants for Hanging Planter and Hanging Planter Wall Indoors

If you do not have a big backyard or a big garden to grow the plant, then hanging plant is the alternative. With this hanging indoor planter you can plant ornamental plants in small spaces, and you can create a more colorful room for your house. Simply plant the ornamental plants in a pot and hung them, then you don’t need a big garden or big backyard to plant ornamental plants. By using this method your home will become more interesting with knick knacks houseplants indoors.

Several hanging ornamental plants with the most beautiful flowers


  1. Plant Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum, this plant originates in the Mediterranean. Become very popular because it has neat shapes, as well as its fragrance. For the flower itself has the form of a taper-like spear and has a light green color. The actual color of the flowers has many varieties, there are white, pink, and green. This plant likes humid places or shade, if the plant is exposed to direct sunlight, it will make these plants wilted, so a shady spot is a suitable place to plant sweet Alyssum.


  1. Lobelia

Lobelia plants this is a plant that will bloom during the summer. The plant has a height of about 3 to 5 inches, but there is also a type of lobelia plant that can reach 90 centimeters high. This plant has the color purplish blue with green leaves. Lobelia plant requires a more intense treatment, so it will seize your attention. This plant would be better placed in a place full of sunlight. For the planting medium, make sure that the soil must rich in nutrient elements and moist. This plant can be used for treating allergies and asthma as well.


  1. Begonia

7 Beautiful Ornamental Plants for Hanging Planter and Hanging Planter Wall Indoors begonia

Begonia is one of the ornamental plants that suitable for hanging planter. Relatively easy to care,  and the flower is easy to bloom, making environment becoming more vibrant and interesting. Begonia is a tropical and subtropical plant, but this plant can also be planted in a different place or an environment. The hallmark of this plant is a plant similar to roses, but in height about 6 to 9 inches. The flower color variants of Begonia plant are more than 10 thousand.

The begonia plant needs good and constant watering and also you can hang this plant in the location that the same as other hanging ornamental plants. The begonia plant likes direct sunlight. But in the summer day, it is better to place the plant in a shady place, so the plant will not too dry.


  1. Orchids

Orchids are one of the best ornamental plants. You can have the real beauty of the orchid plant when the plant gets the support of similar conditions in its original natural habitat. Based on their growing place, the orchid plant has thousands of types of orchids divided in saprophyte, epiphyte, Brassavola, and terrestrial orchid. Orchids can live without sticking to trees or other plants, that is by hanging.


  1. Black Eyed Susan Vine

It is very easy to grow and care black eyed Susan vine. The middle section is pretty dense and has a little dark colored around its petals. This ornamental plants also referred to as Thunbergia alanta, it is known as one of the very popular ornamental plants, you can almost certainly find this ornamental plant inside a house with hanging ornamental plants.


  1. Geranium Plants

Geranium plants are quite popular. The geranium flower is an ornamental plant that has a striking red dominant color. This ornamental plant would be very pretty when hung on a post at home. Many say that the red striking color of this plant is great to clear head while you have dizziness or stress.


  1. Lipstick Plant Flowers

Named after the flower form which because almost resembles a woman’s lipstick. But the flower’s color is not only red, there are several colors such as pink, orange, and yellow. This ornamental plant is also one of the ornamental plants that easy to take care.

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